The story of the Robinson sisters: Their love for one another, their love for one man.

Brenda, the brainy oldest girl, longs for a father and tries to win her mother's approval by being good in every way. Fellow college student Michael Dawson becomes her first reason to be bad, as she decides to win him-from her sisters-any way she can.

Annette, the protected baby sister, keeps her eyes on heaven, reading the Bible and preaching the Gospel-until she develops an overwhelming crush on Michael, the tenant in her family's rental house. She dreams of going to Africa as a missionary. And she dreams of Michael...as family ties are unraveled, perhaps forever.

Cora, the wild middle child and her mother's favorite, savors life by tasting everything in it, including men. A fire burns within her, igniting every life she touches...including Michael's. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

And hovering in the shadows of the girl's lives is Nebia, an elderly healer, who has preserved her African heritage. She observes all the betrayals, the passions, the tragedy rolling closer like a Florida thunderstorm. And what she knows about the heart's ability to grow, change, and overcome will become a guiding light... as three women begin a moving journey from America to Zambia and back to find meaning, answers, and redemption.

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