Eboni Snoe is the author of thirteen (13) novels that contemplate the contribution and value of indigenous cultures to modern times. She has never fit the mold the publishing industry determined for her, and consistently recreates herself and her work based on internal motivations.

Currently, her creative energy is expressing itself via mainstream novels; When Everything’s Said & Done , a Black Expressions Book Club Main Selection and Something Deep In My Bones, a tale of “color consciousness” and economic prejudice within the African American community. But Eboni is best known as a pioneer of ethnic romantic adventures such as Beguiled, The Gemstone Series, a trilogy, and Tell Me I’m Dreamin’, a Waldenbooks National Bestseller

Eboni attended Fisk University, afterwards her life took many turns personally, geographically and philosophically. She worked as a journalist in the 80’s as a street reporter for the nation’s oldest African American radio station, WDIA, before her journalistic career expanded to include television and a news directorship. During that time a life threatening event launched an intense search for a deeper meaning of existence. Her novels reflect her love of different cultures and belief systems, and the knowledge she has gained of metaphysics.


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