Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you use a pseudonym/pen name?

The name Eboni Snoe was chosen in 1991 for a reason. When I shared the premise of my first manuscript, A SHEIK'S SPELL, with a few people, who I was told were knowledgeable in the publishing business, they basically told me to throw the book away. Their responses were: a) there was no market for African-American romance, b) there was no place for interracial romance (The hero, Na'im Raoul Rahmin, is Egyptian of Berber descent), c) African Americans had serious issues to address and should not waste their time on romantic novels, d) African Americans didn't read enough to make up a profitable market.

I was hurt by the replies… disappointed, and I decided I wanted people to know, Black people, people of color, were missing from novels that simply held a story that a reader could get lost in for imagination's sake. So I came up with the name Eboni, but at the same time, I truly wanted people to understand I believe love is universal. No particular race or culture has exclusive rights to it, and after talking to my husband about it, I came up with Snoe. Eboni Snoe. Putting the ends of the entire racial color spectrum side by side, which means everyone is honored. My novels are a reflection of that. I particularly write about the belief systems of indigenous people because I believe their viewpoint of the world is something modern societies desperately need to embrace so that a healthy balance can be established.

2. You used to dress in black and white and wear hats, what happened?

The truth is I love color! I wore the black and white, and the hats to make a statement about glamour and its ability to magnetize, in particular an African American woman's ability to be glamorous. But now I'm making a statement about me. My hair and the colors that I wear are a reflection of my personal style which I feel is more in keeping with the books I write now. It is also reflection of how my work has evolved from romance to mainstream.

3. This issue has been put to me several ways. "Your books
have a spiritual element." "Your books can be scary. They have voodoo and roots in
them." "Your novels are (too) deep." (Said in a positive and not so positive fashion)

I want a reader to read my stories and enjoy them, be swept away within them, but I would also love for them to finish my books and think, Is there any truth to this? If you have read just a couple of my books, you realize there is a consistent thread throughout every Eboni Snoe novel … the grand possibilities of life, of existence. I'm not talking about evil things, or dark things, but glorious things that can fill us with joy and awe at being a human being, a part of creation, a part of the Creator.

4. Are you trying to be controversial?

No. Inspirational, I hope.

5. Have you traveled to all the places you've written about?

No. Many of my stories have taken place in the Caribbean because the publishing houses couldn't see me writing a story that took place in Greece, and it selling…. (Believe it or not, TELL ME I'M DREAMIN' was originally set in Greece) But I have been to the Caribbean a few times, and I have travelled to many international locations far beyond that.

6. Why don't your romantic book covers say anything about the
deeper story lines?

I admit most of the covers of my earlier novels don't, but some of my recent BET covers
do a better job of reflecting some of the story line.
The covers are a result of decisions made by marketing inside the publishing house and
they have a particular target in mind.